M Marketing Inc: The Stronger The Team, The Stronger The Dream

If you noticed by the title of this blog, our belief in team unity is apparent in everything we do here at M Marketing Inc (MD). Whether our Management team is coordinating team events around sand volleyball, paintball, fantasy football drafts or leadership conferences, there is never a lack of social events for our team to participate in!

This September has already been one of the most active months for our team, complete with mini golf, a weekend camping trip and trivia night at Quincy’s Bar & Grille! If you thought our team events were fun, you should meet the people who actually make up M Marketing Inc! With the promotion of our second Operations Manager this week, we are HIGH ENERGY, ambitious and GROWING!

We decided to interview our Marketing Manager, Kate, for a quick Q&A session on everything the gang had been up to this month and the scoop is HOT!

Q – Alright, busy bee!! Tell us all about the first team event at Monster Mini Golf!

Kate – Haha, ok! Something people might now know about several of our M Marketing Inc team members is that most of us come from sports backgrounds, so anything that involves competition and the opportunity to talk smack with our coworkers gets us fired up! Now that fall is here, we heard about this Halloween inspired mini-golf spot, located here in Gaithersburg, and thought it was perfect!

Q – Anyone the next Tiger Woods that you saw?!

Kate – HAHA no! No one should leave their day job to pursue golf. But it was a TON of fun and just allowed our team the opportunity to get to know each other better outside of the suits and ties. Them having a great bond personally and professionally really makes a big difference in the office’s energy.

Q – Tell us about the camping! How did that trip come about?!

Kate – Our office absolutely CRUSHED our client’s targets in August so I booked us 2 cabins in Granite Hill Campgrounds in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania! We barbequed every day, had some cold ones, played lots of games – it was the perfect, relaxing weekend!

Q – How did you guys go about exceeding the client’s expectations?

Kate – We focused really on setting micro goals! Instead of looking at the larger goal for the month, we decided to break it down into weekly and daily goals. Then as a team, we started counting down daily until the goal was met! It was really gratifying to see how a common goal was capable of unifying our entire office. Getting 25 people all on the same page can be difficult but it’s all possible if you present the bigger picture!

Q – We heard the whole office went to Trivia Night at Quincy’s Bar & Grille! How was that?

Kate – Too much, haha! Again, with us being competitive, no one in that bar stood a chance. I always knew how smart our team was but had no idea how many random facts they knew about movies, sports and TV shows!! It was a blast and we definitely plan on returning.

The month is young and we can’t wait to see what the next two weeks hold! As our team is expanding and hiring for an entry level Client Manager, we will continue to promote a culture based on positivity, teamwork and unified growth. We encourage you to check out our Instagram @mmarketingincmd to see more of our past and upcoming events and return to our blog page next month to read all about John and his promotion to Operations Manager! Until October!