A Cut Above The Rest: Dylan’s Story

Dedicated. Driven. Devoted. 

That’s how we would describe Dylan Tevlin, Client Executive, here at M Marketing Inc. A tenured leader within the company, starting a month after M Marketing Inc’s formation, Dylan has created a name for himself as a goal-driven, go-getting, powerhouse within our marketing & sales team! With an outgoing personality, premier education, and resilience of an entrepreneur driving this young man’s career, this is not the first time you’ll be hearing Dylan’s name on our WordPress page.

Born in Edison, NJ and raised in Wellsboro, Dylan grew up an athletic child, playing in every sport from football to baseball and golf. Finding his calling behind a golf club, Dylan grew up playing in The First Tee (a youth development organization that teaches golf and its values to young people), and eventually made his way onto his High School’s Varsity Team! Learning self-control, self-management, and leadership skills through golf, Dylan naturally assumed roles in school as his class’s Vice President and National Honor Society Co-Chair.

A social butterfly, Dylan chose Penn State to pursue a degree in Political Science and Pre-Law with the intentions of being a lobbyist after graduation! As if being a scholar wasn’t enough, Dylan put himself through school working full-time as a bookkeeper for a local grocery store. Though he doesn’t use his accounting skills at M Marketing Inc, he does attribute that job to teaching him discipline and attention to detail which he applies to his marketing & sales responsibilities today.

After graduating in December of 2015, Dylan immediately moved to Baltimore to attend the American University of Law in August. With 8 months to spare before classes started in August, Dylan immediately began seeking jobs in the area that would provide him extra experience before law school. It was then he stumbled upon M Marketing Inc and came him for his preliminary interview.

Despite not having any experience in marketing and sales, Dylan said he went into the interview process confident in his ability to sell HIMSELF. Despite understanding the opportunity to move into management, Dylan’s initial focus was on making money and learning some short-term skills. It wasn’t until the company flew him out to Dallas for a national conference held by our client broker that truly opened his eyes to the long-term opportunity. Dylan instantly made a decision after that influential trip that within a year and a half of starting with the company, he would move into a management position.

When an opportunity arose in January to help M Marketing Inc expand into Chicago, Dylan jumped at the experience. 2 months quickly passed in Chicago and when our Gaithersburg office needed his assistance with training and interviewing, Dylan returned and has since exceeded every expectation and goal set for him. With a plan to be in an Operations Management role by July, and overseeing his own office location for our client in Charleston, SC, by October, Dylan says he’s seen more professional development from himself in a year than his combined 4 years in college.

We asked him what his 3 points of advice would be to someone starting in the company and he said: 

1) Listen to your mentors & coaches
2) Have humility
3) Hold yourself accountable
On the weekends when he’s not working Dylan likes to explore Baltimore and DC, golf when weather permits, and work towards his goals of purchasing a blue mini cooper with white racing stripes, owning a Shepsky, and funding his own location of The First Tee. With goals as big as his, Dylan is destined for greatness personally and professionally. Stay tuned to watch his career progress through our Instagram channel @mmarketingincmd!
Dylan – we are SO proud of you and consistently impressed by your character and growth. Keep up the amazing work and know we’re looking to you to do big things. South Carolina, here we come!


M Marketing Inc: The Slope Of Success – Nikki’s Story

Talent + Work Ethic + Humility + Humor = Success.

This ultimate recipe for professional success is uncommon to find in most individuals, yet, at M Marketing Inc it’s how we would describe our entire team. An especially bright and rising star at our company, Nikki Villaire, embodies these characteristics in such a manner we had to make her February’s Featured Team Member!

Born and raised in Haverhill, MA (just ask her how to pronounce this city!), Nikki grew up with skis on her feet by the time she could walk! A combination of the New England snow, her father’s skiing expertise, and years of holidays at ski resorts led Nikki to begin skiing competitively and downhill racing with her high school team all across the Northeast. Despite being terrified of heights (also ask about her chair lift experiences, ha!) she persevered and pushed herself out of comfort zones one race at a time.

With a desire to explore more of the country and move out of Massachusetts, Nikki toured the University of Delaware after high school and instantly fell in love with the campus. 4 years, 5 changes of studies and 1 hard-earned major in English professional writing, she graduated wide-eyed and ready to take on the world! With experience in copyrighting and social media management, Nikki moved to DC after graduation with hopes of finding her next adventure involving corporate communications. It was then she stumbled upon a job opening for M Marketing Inc. 

Starting first in our company’s Management Training Program, Nikki invested 5 months with the marketing/sales team learning about the energy client, the business to business sales acquisitions, and team/leadership development. Due to her overall personality, skill-set and career goals, she was offered a full-time position in January as a Human Resources Recruiter, now responsible for helping spearhead the talent scouting and onboarding of new recruits!

When we asked Nikki what made her accept the HR position and move into a new department, she talked about how excited she was to have a more direct impact on people’s futures and career growth. Her deep appreciation and relationships with the marketing/sales team have kept her grounded and able to recruit Gaithersburg’s best talent into M Marketing Inc.  It is because of Nikki’s diligence and goal-oriented nature that our company just expanded into Chicago last month!

When she’s not working, you can find her hanging out with colleagues, binge-watching The Office and Parks & Recreation, or exploring DC. Her easy-going personality and positive nature make her the ultimate addition to our company’s culture, and it is with her passion that we plan to expand to an additional 2 cities this year. If you’d like to learn more about the biggest fan of Tony Robbins and Withering Heights, follow Nikki on her slope to success via M Marketing Inc’s Instagram & Twitter @mmarketingincmd!

M Marketing Inc: The Stronger The Team, The Stronger The Dream

If you noticed by the title of this blog, our belief in team unity is apparent in everything we do here at M Marketing Inc (MD). Whether our Management team is coordinating team events around sand volleyball, paintball, fantasy football drafts or leadership conferences, there is never a lack of social events for our team to participate in!

This September has already been one of the most active months for our team, complete with mini golf, a weekend camping trip and trivia night at Quincy’s Bar & Grille! If you thought our team events were fun, you should meet the people who actually make up M Marketing Inc! With the promotion of our second Operations Manager this week, we are HIGH ENERGY, ambitious and GROWING!

We decided to interview our Marketing Manager, Kate, for a quick Q&A session on everything the gang had been up to this month and the scoop is HOT!

Q – Alright, busy bee!! Tell us all about the first team event at Monster Mini Golf!

Kate – Haha, ok! Something people might now know about several of our M Marketing Inc team members is that most of us come from sports backgrounds, so anything that involves competition and the opportunity to talk smack with our coworkers gets us fired up! Now that fall is here, we heard about this Halloween inspired mini-golf spot, located here in Gaithersburg, and thought it was perfect!

Q – Anyone the next Tiger Woods that you saw?!

Kate – HAHA no! No one should leave their day job to pursue golf. But it was a TON of fun and just allowed our team the opportunity to get to know each other better outside of the suits and ties. Them having a great bond personally and professionally really makes a big difference in the office’s energy.

Q – Tell us about the camping! How did that trip come about?!

Kate – Our office absolutely CRUSHED our client’s targets in August so I booked us 2 cabins in Granite Hill Campgrounds in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania! We barbequed every day, had some cold ones, played lots of games – it was the perfect, relaxing weekend!

Q – How did you guys go about exceeding the client’s expectations?

Kate – We focused really on setting micro goals! Instead of looking at the larger goal for the month, we decided to break it down into weekly and daily goals. Then as a team, we started counting down daily until the goal was met! It was really gratifying to see how a common goal was capable of unifying our entire office. Getting 25 people all on the same page can be difficult but it’s all possible if you present the bigger picture!

Q – We heard the whole office went to Trivia Night at Quincy’s Bar & Grille! How was that?

Kate – Too much, haha! Again, with us being competitive, no one in that bar stood a chance. I always knew how smart our team was but had no idea how many random facts they knew about movies, sports and TV shows!! It was a blast and we definitely plan on returning.

The month is young and we can’t wait to see what the next two weeks hold! As our team is expanding and hiring for an entry level Client Manager, we will continue to promote a culture based on positivity, teamwork and unified growth. We encourage you to check out our Instagram @mmarketingincmd to see more of our past and upcoming events and return to our blog page next month to read all about John and his promotion to Operations Manager! Until October!

M Marketing Inc: We’re Dallas Bound!

As the relationship we have with our client continues to blossom, our feelings of appreciation and gratitude continue to deepen as well! Our M Marketing Inc team came to us with previous experience in the retail, restaurant, medical, educational and non-profit industries, and can all tell you that there are few businesses like ours. There are few businesses that offer year round conferences aimed at uniting thousands for networking purposes; few businesses that place you in the nicest hotels with 3 course meals, red carpet dinners and cash bonuses in recognition of your success. But for our client, those niceties are the norm!

2 weeks ago, for the second time this year, we were flown out to Texas (this time Dallas!) for a 3 day National Conference. When we say national we mean that we were surrounded by colleagues from every stretch of the US; from New Yorkers to Nevadans, Californians and more! Our hotel at the Hyatt Regency was to die for and sat right next to Dallas’s Reunion Tower, one of the cities most recognizable landmarks and highest buildings!

That Friday we arrived was a whole day of socializing, reconnecting and making new friends! Being professional communicators (working in the marketing and sales industry), meant there wasn’t a stranger in sight to us! We attended happy hours, went to a mixer for our Human Resource Managers and ended the night enjoying cocktails with our team at the Texas sized hotel bar (did we mention everything in Texas really is bigger, haha)?

The learning portion of the conference began on Saturday with breakfast, meetings, client breakouts, leadership training and more. Our Marketing Manager, Kate, and Operations Manager, Jake, were even asked to speak on behalf of M Marketing Inc regarding the STELLAR performance we’ve delivered to our client Q1 and Q2! We loved getting to hear from our client’s pacesetters from all across the country and even picked up a few best business practices we’ll be implementing next month.

The day continued with a first-rate awards dinner and fashion show that literally made our jaws drop! Between the lights, music, models, delicious food and guest speakers, we were so motivated to get back to the office and work already! Everyone in our office brought out their best red carpet attire and showed Texas how us Marylander’s put our best foot forward. We felt like we were going to the Oscar’s we were so fancy!

The conference wrapped up with a night out downtown, enjoying the company of our team and new business associates! There’s no place like home to us, but Dallas sure gave it a run for it’s money! The year round warmth, Texas hospitality and over-sized food portions had us feeling like we could stay forever!

We were once told that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life, and this conference helped remind us of how truly blessed we are to say that every day at work is an adventure, not a chore. Whether we’re in the M Marketing Inc office, or traveling cross country, we consider ourselves SO fortunate to work with such a generous client and fun-loving team. And as if that trip wasn’t enough to last us till 2017, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be in Vegas in less than 2 months! Slot machines here we comeeeee!! We mean conference center, haha!

Smiles In the Capital: M Marketing Inc’s Philanthropy Event

A smile is universal. No matter your language or country, a smile means the same thing everywhere. A smile can brighten a stranger’s day, spark a relationship or seal a business deal.

To think that there are children in 3rd world countries who are born with cleft lip or palette and grow up embarrassed to smile is beyond us. Yet, it happens everyday and goes untreated because of cost and resources…until there was Operation Smile; a coalition of surgeons, nurses and benefactors all combined behind the idea that everyone deserves a smile. The organization that changed more than just smiles, but lives.

When we heard about Operation Smile last year, we were moved to action. We thought to ourselves, “we communicate on behalf of our clients for a living. Why can’t we do that too for a charity.” And so began a now lifelong partnership between M Marketing Inc and Operation Smile.

Interesting fact: in one hour and only $240, a skilled surgery can correct a major facial deformity into a minimal scar. Far away goes feeding issues, social problems and confidence factors. To us $240 is a small cost; but in a 3rd world country, it’s an unimaginable sum of money. So again we thought “what if we communicated on behalf of this cause, brought awareness to the children AND raised money to provide the surgeries they need so badly?”

So we did just that. We coordinated an event where our M Marketing Inc team made the short drive from Gaithersburg to DC, set up a tent/booth right in the heart of DC, sold water to tourists and locals and raised a total of $500; enough to personally fund 2 surgeries.

Grassroots, face to face and effective. We shared our smiles to make a kid’s new smile and the satisfaction we had that day after 3 hours of fundraising was irreplaceable. We’re so grateful to work with the kind of individuals that would sacrifice time on their weekend to give back to others and the type of managers that place value into philanthropy. Though this event is over, this isn’t the last you’ve heard of M Marketing Inc and Operation Smile doing big things together. Stay tuned for what the end of the year brings to our fundraising efforts!

M Marketing Inc: Travel is good for the soul!

In business and in life, we feel that there are several things that make it extraordinary; good people, a set of values and the opportunity to have experiences outside of one’s comfort zone. We may be biased, but we believe here at M Marketing Inc, we have all three! Our team is some of the most energetic and passionate people you’ll ever meet, our integrity and standards for our client are sky high and our commitment to traveling is a dream for most.

Last weekend, our Management team left the cold weather of the East Coast and ventured South to spend a 4 day weekend in Atlanta! To say that our trip was an amazing work-cation would be an understatement. Between conferences, socializing and sightseeing we were ready to get back to the office and apply all that we learned! We asked our Managers to give us the scoop on what all they did in “Hotlanta” and we must say, we’re pretty jealous and ready for the next business trip out there!

Starting on Thursday, our team flew into the city and began preparing for the greatest start to the weekend ever – a St. Patrick’s themed mixer with marketing and sales professionals from all over the country! Heading to a popular spot in Atlanta called Monday Night Brewing, our team and about 75 others enjoyed unique beers including one that tasted like chocolate milk (crazy, we know!) and networked the night away!

Friday was followed by a full day of meetings and motivational speakers and the takeaways we left with were so inspiring! Between sessions on commitment, mentality and performance, our M Marketing Inc Management Team is more excited than ever about the work we’re doing for our energy client. Friday night our conference took us to a rented out comedy club complete with 4 stand up comics and we think our sides are still sore from laughing so hard! They reminded us to stick to what we’re good at and never try improv as a career (haha)!

The fun continued Saturday as we ditched the suits and ties and put on our gym clothes for some games of paintball! Seeing as how we’re all super competitive, we got to put our athleticism to the test and try not to get bruised. Like true Atlantians, we had lunch in Piedmont Park, went to the Dark Horse Tavern and then to Club Havana; all popular and local attractions in the city. Did we mention our Marketing Manager, Kate, even got up on stage and sang “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard!?

As we were on our way home and reflecting on our trip, we thought about the exceptional city we had just visited and everyone we networked with over the weekend and were reminded just how good travel is for the soul. Stay tuned to see more blogs on our team and also where M Marketing Inc goes next for work…SPOILER ALERT – it’s Texas and the Dominican Republic!!