Smiles In the Capital: M Marketing Inc’s Philanthropy Event

A smile is universal. No matter your language or country, a smile means the same thing everywhere. A smile can brighten a stranger’s day, spark a relationship or seal a business deal.

To think that there are children in 3rd world countries who are born with cleft lip or palette and grow up embarrassed to smile is beyond us. Yet, it happens everyday and goes untreated because of cost and resources…until there was Operation Smile; a¬†coalition of surgeons, nurses and benefactors all combined behind the idea that everyone deserves a smile. The organization that changed more than just smiles, but lives.

When we heard about Operation Smile last year, we were moved to action. We thought to ourselves, “we communicate on behalf of our clients for a living. Why can’t we do that too for a charity.” And so began a now lifelong partnership between M Marketing Inc and Operation Smile.

Interesting fact: in one hour and only $240, a skilled surgery can correct a major facial deformity into a minimal scar. Far away goes feeding issues, social problems and confidence factors. To us $240 is a small cost; but in a 3rd world country, it’s an unimaginable sum of money. So again we thought “what if we communicated on behalf of this cause, brought awareness to the children AND raised money to provide the surgeries they need so badly?”

So we did just that. We coordinated an event where our M Marketing Inc team made the short drive from Gaithersburg to DC, set up a tent/booth right in the heart of DC, sold water to tourists and locals and raised a total of $500; enough to personally fund 2 surgeries.

Grassroots, face to face and effective. We shared our smiles to make a kid’s new smile and the satisfaction we had that day after 3 hours of fundraising was irreplaceable. We’re so grateful to work with the kind of individuals that would sacrifice time on their weekend to give back to others and the type of managers that place value into philanthropy. Though this event is over, this isn’t the last you’ve heard of M Marketing Inc and Operation Smile doing big things together. Stay tuned for what the end of the year brings to our fundraising efforts!