Our Culture

Call us naïve but we feel that the workplace shouldn’t be a place people dread. Our beliefs are actually very simple; employees should enjoy their career and going to work. While the work here at M Marketing Inc (MD) might be challenging, our environment will never be. We strive to create a true home away from home and create a culture that sustains employee enthusiasm.

Our company culture is one we wish everyone would have the chance to experience at least once in their careers.  Not many corporate atmospheres promote growth focused on work ethic and performance, but those are the cornerstones of our business.  We have a high-energy, ambitious and growing group of professionals who are as dedicated to reaching their own goals as they are to helping others be successful.

M Marketing Inc (MD) is a great match for individuals looking to shine in the marketing and sales industry or looking to gain leadership and management expertise. Due to high demand from our client to help develop their energy service nationally, we will be branching out to an additional 2 locations in 2016. With this expansion comes room in our firm’s exclusive Management Training Program!