M Marketing Inc Promotes Newest Operations Manager, Jake Evans!

If you were to ask any of our Management team here at M Marketing Inc what the most fulfilling aspect of their work is, they would all answer in some version
“watching the professional development of our team members.”

Since our company’s inception, we have placed a high emphasis on creating a work environment that promotes internal growth and self improvement; an atmosphere based on the Zig Ziglar quote that “you can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough people get what they want.”

It’s no wonder that after working side by side for a year and a half with Mr. Evans, his promotion last week to Operations Manager was a milestone for more than just Jake. In fact, it was a cause for celebration for our entire work family at M Marketing Inc!

Born and raised in Mason, Michigan, Jake and his ENTIRE family bleed green and white! A Michigan State graduate and member of the championship winning Spartan Football coaching team, Jake spent 5 years during and after college dedicating 60+ hours a week to pursuing his passion of leading a successful sport’s team. As time went on Jake had a realization that though in a competitive field, his professional advancement was not tied to his performance but in fact politics. He made a bold decision to leave the security of home and his career and bid Michigan farewell to join his sister in Nashville (coach at Belmont University – can you see it runs in the family, haha!).

It was in Nashville and searching for a new career in the marketing & sales industry that he met Kate McGree, our Director of Operations, here at M Marketing Inc. The two worked and developed side by side in our Nashville branch and when Kate was offered an opportunity by our client to oversee a new office location in Gaithersburg, Jake jumped at the opportunity to relocate with her and see a whole new side of business and the U.S. **Small fact about Jake: he LOVES to travel, spent the first 2 months employed by our company traveling the South and Mid-west for our client and was even in Cincinnati when we called him for this blog!

The growth we have seen in Jake since his start with our firm has been tremendous. From his coaching background, he already came to us with great enthusiasm, work-ethic and dedication, but since has grown his marketing and sales acumen, leadership ability and confidence. With this next step in his career, Jake will now begin to learn more about the client relations, human resources, finances and advertisement that keep M Marketing Inc functioning and flourishing.

If we had to pinpoint the one thing that led to Jake’s promotion to Operations Manager, we couldn’t. The reason is that Jake is the ultimate package: professional, humble, charismatic, committed, systematic and perseverant. This professional development is an accumulation of a year and a half of hard work and sacrifice, but as Jake’s favorite quote goes “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Jake – you’re a rockstar! We’re so incredibly proud of you and this accomplishment, but know this is just the beginning of your highly successful career. We look forward to you overseeing our next branch office location before the end of 2016 and are honored to work with someone of such high character and integrity. Keep up your amazing work and know that we’re your biggest cheerleaders every step of the way!

M Marketing Inc: Travel is good for the soul!

In business and in life, we feel that there are several things that make it extraordinary; good people, a set of values and the opportunity to have experiences outside of one’s comfort zone. We may be biased, but we believe here at M Marketing Inc, we have all three! Our team is some of the most energetic and passionate people you’ll ever meet, our integrity and standards for our client are sky high and our commitment to traveling is a dream for most.

Last weekend, our Management team left the cold weather of the East Coast and ventured South to spend a 4 day weekend in Atlanta! To say that our trip was an amazing work-cation would be an understatement. Between conferences, socializing and sightseeing we were ready to get back to the office and apply all that we learned! We asked our Managers to give us the scoop on what all they did in “Hotlanta” and we must say, we’re pretty jealous and ready for the next business trip out there!

Starting on Thursday, our team flew into the city and began preparing for the greatest start to the weekend ever – a St. Patrick’s themed mixer with marketing and sales professionals from all over the country! Heading to a popular spot in Atlanta called Monday Night Brewing, our team and about 75 others enjoyed unique beers including one that tasted like chocolate milk (crazy, we know!) and networked the night away!

Friday was followed by a full day of meetings and motivational speakers and the takeaways we left with were so inspiring! Between sessions on commitment, mentality and performance, our M Marketing Inc Management Team is more excited than ever about the work we’re doing for our energy client. Friday night our conference took us to a rented out comedy club complete with 4 stand up comics and we think our sides are still sore from laughing so hard! They reminded us to stick to what we’re good at and never try improv as a career (haha)!

The fun continued Saturday as we ditched the suits and ties and put on our gym clothes for some games of paintball! Seeing as how we’re all super competitive, we got to put our athleticism to the test and try not to get bruised. Like true Atlantians, we had lunch in Piedmont Park, went to the Dark Horse Tavern and then to Club Havana; all popular and local attractions in the city. Did we mention our Marketing Manager, Kate, even got up on stage and sang “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard!?

As we were on our way home and reflecting on our trip, we thought about the exceptional city we had just visited and everyone we networked with over the weekend and were reminded just how good travel is for the soul. Stay tuned to see more blogs on our team and also where M Marketing Inc goes next for work…SPOILER ALERT – it’s Texas and the Dominican Republic!!